April 2018 Release Announcement

Innovation Release – Short support cycle

This release is Software AG’s second Innovation Release.

This type of release is intended for customers who want to get their hands on new features and capabilities as quickly as possible. However, it is not intended for long-term production use, as we only provided fixes for the first 6 months, and support for the first 12 months. Customers who adopt this release will be required to migrate to the next standard release within 12 months. webMethods, Apama, Terracotta, Universal Messaging, Mashzone NextGen and some Adabas&Natural products are included in the Innovation Release. For most ARIS , Alfabet and some Adabas&Natural products, this is a Standard Release with a normal support cycle.

To learn more about the Innovation Release and what it means for you, watch this 9-minute video and read this FAQ.

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