Applying webMethods fixes to UM

All my UM topics disappeared after I applied the latest webMethods fixes to my UM cluster. More details:

I have a quarum of three (3) UM realms, version 9.10. After successfully applying the latest webMethods fixes to the first UM realm, I observed that all the UM topics disappeared from the patched UM realm. The other two UM realms in the quarum remained unpatched and UM topics OK. I recreated the UM topics successfully without problem. I then moved to apply the webMethods fixes to the second UM realm in the quarum and experienced the same problem; all the topics disappeared after successfully applying the fixes. And, same story with the third UM realm.

Has anyone else experienced this same problem?


you will have to patch Enterprise Manager (EM) to the same Patch Level and all should be available agian.


Hello Holger,

Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.

Our EM software product was initially patched, so the missing UM topics were actually removed from our UM realm after applying the webMethods fixes. In addition, we also observed that the Topic Connection Factory that previously existed in our UM realm was also removed after applying the webMethods fixes.

After applying the webMethods fixes, we had to recreate the Topic Connection Factory and the topics in the freshly patched UM realm and all is well. I am most interested if anyone else experienced this same problem?

Thanks again


Is the EM also latest patched with the same fixes as the UM latest?


Yes, EM was the first initially applied the latest fixes.