ApplinX Binary Client question

We are using the Eclipse plug-in (ApplinX binary client) to generate the Java classes from flow procedures. Some of our input/output parameters are Business Entities that contain “Integer” or “Long” attributes. We notice that when the binary client generates the Java code, these get translated to the primitive types (int, long, etc.) instead of the object/class data types (Integer, Long, etc.). Several of these attributes are nullable, and we don’t want to always pass values to them.

Is there a way to get the binary client / Eclipse plug-in to generate Java classes for Integer, Long, etc. instead of the primitive types?

We are using ApplinX

Thanks in advance!

Hi Tom,
As it currently not supported, we can only suggest a workaround for now.
You can use a constant like “-999” for null values so you can recognize them as “nullable values” but still use primitive type.