Applinx - Destroy long time Iddle session


could You give me any advice how to automatically destroy applinx sessions with long time Iddle?

Is there in the Applinx Administrator a setting for that?

a have a lot of sessions with Iddle long time

Thank all in advance for any advice


Hi Marian,

There is a way to automatically disconnect idle sessions. It’s a configurable property of your ApplinX application.
Here’s what you do:

  1. In the Composer right click your ApplinX application and choose “open”
  2. Click the Host tab
  3. Set the No-activity-Timeout (in seconds)

Note: Setting the value to zero means session has an unlimited timeout and will stay open until either the user logs off or the session is terminated manually.

Hope this helps,

Hi Ohad,

Thank you a lot.

My next question is about database session that can be created in Procedures etc… Does this setting close Database session too?

Thank you a lot


Database connections are handled within the flow procedure using the Database nodes (create db session, dbSelect, dbExecute , Rollback and Commit). See attached image:

Thank you for the information Ohad