Application configuration best practice


Can some one share your experience on the application configuration? We have a lot of configuration for our system. Such as the FTP setting to get and put files, the package name need to do archive for each server, the system log archvie setting for each server, etc. And now, we a using a map step or a database table for these settings. But these two way are not the perfect way, map step will be diffcult to maintain, we need to login the server with the Developer to do this each time; And using the database will low the performance, and it will also bring the extra loading for our DB server. So can any one share your experience on the configuration? Thanks in advance.

Most common way is to have a properties file (or files) and load those properties into a static Java object in memory through the use of a Java service. This Java service would be set as the “startup” service for the package so that the properties are loaded as soon as the server starts. You’d then have other services that give you access to the data in the Properties object.

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