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Hi, I am trying to make a API Restv2 in webMethods 10.5 and I have problems with the post method, it does not map the input with the flow service. Can someone give me an example to see how it’s done. Thanks a lot

Sorry it’s not very clear what you want, do you want to call an API as a client or do you want expose a service via a resource.
Here you can see a screenshot of an API descriptor that I have developed to receive data via the POST method. It is important to define a proper document type and the set it to BODY, here you can see that the input is labelled config.

This is the services signature that it is based on

As you can see the principal input is called config and is based on a document type.

When calling the API you must make sure to set the Content-Type to ‘application/json’ otherwise it won’t work. The beauty of this solution is that content is completely transparent to your service.

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