API Portal - Registration Form New Fields

Hello experts,

I’m trying to extend the API Portal’s user sign-up page, by adding new form fields.

This is my form field declaration:

And I’ve edited the base.properties file to include this additional field property ($PORTAL_HOME\server\bin\work\work_apiportalbundle_s\base\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\config\apiportal\localization\plugin\base):

base.apiSignUp.company.DBI=Company Name
base.apiSignUp.busphone.DBI=Business Phone
base.apiSignUp.busaddress.DBI=Business Address

But it seems, the change is not reflecting even after I do a …/#default/reloadConfig or restart the API Portal. Am I changing the wrong file?

Hope anyone can lead me to the right directory and file for updating these properties.


Hi Mark,
I am assuming you are trying this in v10.7.
You can go to Home → Administration and Customization → Views. Create a new view and you can click on Edit and go to Pages. Click on Sign-up form and you will be able to add new fields. Do update the new view to be active.


Hello Prabavathy,

Yes, thank you. That’s what I did. I am editing the Sign-up Form page to include the additional form fields.

But couldn’t seem to apply the properties I have set for these additional fields. Wondering where should I change these property files in?


Hi Mark,
The new fields will appear after you edit the page and enable the view. (that includes the new fields)

Are you facing the issue after enabling the new view as active?


Hello, yes. I have created a new view (modification set) and edited the Sign-up form to include new fields. I tried to change the property files (based on what I have found), but the values don’t reflect correctly - ???.

So needed to find which property files to change to reflect these additional fields in the Sign-up Form.


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