API Portal - Account Password Reset

Hi All,

I am facing an issue in resetting the password. I have used the Reset password link on the API portal Login Screen.
The password recovery email has not been triggered.I am not sure whose email id has been used at the time of installation.
I have checked under list service the SMTP mail server is configured properly.
I have tried accessing UMC page also cannot login.I am using system user to login

Is there any way to reset API Portal Account password to default one from background.
I have access to the API Portal server box.
How can i find which email id is configured for Admin user(System user).


System user is not configured with a email id by default. Please try login to UMC UI using http://host:port/umc and the login as superuser/superuser and change the password for system user.

Thanks a lot Arul. This worked.