API Mashup is giving error


I have created a mashup API and on consuming it in Postman it is giving me the following error.
“Exception”: “API Gateway encountered an error. Error Message:
Native service provider error. Code : 403.
Request Details: Service - MashupServiceDetails, Operation - /{crs}/API,
Invocation Time:2:08:58 PM, Date:Oct 1, 2022,
User - Default and Application:UserSystem”

Below is from Analytics
“externalCallType”: “MASHUP_CALL”,
“externalURL”: “link//Api/crs/335004/pts”,
“callStartTime”: 1664622538773,
“callEndTime”: 1664622538891,
“callDuration”: 118,
“responseCode”: “200”
“externalCallType”: “MASHUP_CALL”,
“externalURL”: “link//Api/pts/703/il”,
“callStartTime”: 1664622538891,
“callEndTime”: 1664622538940,
“callDuration”: 49,
“responseCode”: “403”

Kindly let me know how to pass the Id to the second API(here i have hardcoded id = 703
which is inside the array of the first API).

“link/pi/crs/335004/pts” - this is the API no 1 and the response is shown below
“id”: 703,
“name-en”: "abcd "
link/Api/pts/703/il - this is the API no2 and the respinse is shown below
“license-number”: “401100075”,
“code”: 1


hi @deepakvdtls ,
Can you please verify are you using right headers and cred to hit the API.
Is it possible to share the export of the asset so that we can verify at our end.

Vikash Sharma

I think you have to specify every required headers before hitting the url

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