Serial calling in API gateway

Hi ,

As part of my requirement, i need to create and API to call external system through API gateway using the swagger they provided. But this External system expecting OAuth token to pass in header. to get this OAuth token we need to call another Swagger that provided by same external system.
can someone please explain how we can achieve this requirement in API Gateway. tried to use Mashup but not works out it looking.

Gateway version: 10.3

Mashups is good way to solve this. Can you explain what is not working? And what OAuth grant type are using trying to use?


Thankyou Praveen for quick replay.

Here i created two different API’s.
First API returns OAuth token when we pass username/password provided by Provider.
Second API have two resources which will call provider and returns result. for this proxy we need to pass API token that i got in first API in header.

so i tried to call OAuth generating proxy API in second API mashup. and OAuth-token that we get in result i am trying to pass in Provider proxy header.

as we don’t have proper trace here like APIGEE , i am unable to see full flow to check.

please provide valid steps that we can follow if my approach is wrong.

Naresh, If you attach the export archive of the mashup API, then we can see what the issue is.

API Gateway Logs in TRACE mode should give you good details on what is happening in the background.

Not sure how perfect the procedure i followed. this is my first Mashup implementation.
In oAuth API, i using my local rest descriptor that generates static response(untitled) as API token. (26.2 KB)

One question about this set up: how do you store that token in the gateway for some while until it is not valid anymore. Using terracotta?

@Naresh_Kopparapu4 - Did you get this to work?