API gateway data purging

Hi All,

we have a requirement to purge the data which is more than 1 month old is there a way to schedule jobs to do this work from documentation i can see we can use API gateway UI to do purging but it looks like a one time thing.
Any pointers on this would be great help.

Did you try find the underlying service that does the purge job?

There is a option, to purge data directly from the AGW_EVENT_* table but you should be little cautious.


Can you take a look at APIGatewayAdministration.json swagger file that is available in /packages/WmAPIGateway/resources/apigatewayservices? There is a resource for purging which you can use for automation.


Hi Praveen,

Thanks for your response . i see this resource in designer and there is _delete service is provided to purge the data but when i open this service in designer this service looks blank. do you have any samples for this which i can refer.