Apama 10.5.4 Community Edition release announcement

The latest version of Apama Community Edition has arrived with a number of developer-focused improvements. This 10.5.4 release is a small feature update to 10.5 and the last planned before 10.7.

Connectivity plug-ins

The HTTP server transport now allows concurrent processing where each connection will use a different chain into the HTTP server. You can turn this on by setting concurrentChains to true in the YAML configuration file for the transport. This means that your application can have each connection to the HTTP server processed in parallel which can improve your application’s performance. The monitoring metric numChains allows you to monitor the number of active connections into the HTTP server when this new feature is active.

The Cumulocity IoT transport now helps you distinguish between “create” and “update” operations for notifications received for managed objects, events, alarms and operations. The params dictionary contains PARAM_NOTIFICATION which can indicate either NOTIFICATION_CREATED or NOTIFICATION_UPDATED . For example:

// Listen for notifications for managed objects
on all ManagedObject() as managedObject {
    string notificationType := <string> managedObject.params.getOr(ManagedObject.PARAM_NOTIFICATION, "");
    if notificationType = ManagedObject.NOTIFICATION_CREATED {
        log "ManagedObject created" at INFO;
    else if notificationType = ManagedObject.NOTIFICATION_UPDATED {
        log "ManagedObject updated" at INFO;

Full commercial edition

In addition to the features in Apama Community Edition, the full commercial edition of Apama includes improved integration with other Software AG products, enhanced web-based deployment, management and monitoring capabilities from Software AG’s Command Central, and additional support for capital markets. Please refer to the release notes for the complete set of new features in Apama 10.5.4.

Find out more

Apama 10.5.4 Community Edition is available now for you to download. More information about the new capabilities mentioned here are described in the release notes and product documentation available with the downloads.

Please give Apama 10.5.4 a try and let us know how you get on!

– Rob Jones