Apama 10.5.1 Community Edition release announcement

The latest version of Apama Community Edition has arrived with a significant focus on improving the experience within the Cumulocity IoT platform. However there are also a number of Apama improvements relevant to Apama Community Edition, so please keep reading!

Status and diagnostic monitoring

The HTTP client and server connectivity plug-in transports both maintain KPIs for the request and response payload sizes.

The HTTP client and Cumulocity IoT transport also maintain a record of response times from being given a message to send to receiving the response.

These diagnostic statistics are made available as user statuses and can be accessed at application runtime and via the correlator REST interface (including access from Prometheus).


The ondie() action can now include arguments that can provide additional information about why the monitor instance is terminating.

When creating sequences of sequences, an additional space is no longer required between two closing angle brackets. i.e. it is now possible to write dictionary<decimal, <sometype>> instead of dictionary<decimal, <sometype> > .

The apamadoc utility is now available from the command line. Previously it was only available from Ant, but can now be used in environments were Ant is not available.

Full commercial edition

In addition to the features in Apama Community Edition, the full commercial edition of Apama includes improved integration with other Software AG products, enhanced web-based deployment, management and monitoring capabilities from Command Central, and additional support for capital markets. Please refer to the release notes for the complete set of new features in Apama 10.5.1.

Find out more

Apama 10.5.1 Community Edition is available now for you to download. More information about the new capabilities mentioned here and numerous other smaller improvements are described in the release notes and product documentation available with the downloads.

The Software AG Apama team is extremely proud of this new version. Please give Apama 10.5.1 a try and let us know how you get on!