Apama 10.5.3 Community Edition release announcement

The latest version of Apama Community Edition has arrived with a number of developer-focused improvements.


Supporting the continuous focus on quality, an updated version of the PySys test framework, version 1.5.1, is included with Apama. This includes a number of updates and improvements to help you test your Apama projects and you can read more about these in the PySys 1.5.1 change log. Of particular note are improved assertion methods as well as significant changes to the documentation that make it much easier to work through.

Connectivity plug-ins

Using the Mapper codec you can now force a field to be set to a specific value even if the event being processed includes that field.

You can use the HTTP client generic event definitions to invoke services with non-JSON payloads by specifying a different content-type header, e.g. “text/plain” instead of the default “application/json” .


You can receive verbose garbage collection logging and application event logging by using the --loglevel option for the correlator during startup. Previously it was only possible to do this via an engine_management request against a running correlator.

The user status mechanism can now be used to monitor how long commits are taking to MemoryStore.

The REST API and Prometheus provide statistics about the number of threads in use by the optional JVM embedded in the correlator.

Full commercial edition

In addition to the features in Apama Community Edition, the full commercial edition of Apama includes improved integration with other Software AG products, enhanced web-based deployment, management and monitoring capabilities from Software AG’s Command Central, and additional support for capital markets. Please refer to the release notes for the complete set of new features in Apama 10.5.3.

Find out more

Apama 10.5.3 Community Edition is available now for you to download. More information about the new capabilities mentioned here and numerous other smaller improvements are described in the release notes and product documentation available with the downloads.

Please give Apama 10.5.3 a try and let us know how you get on!