Apama 10.5.2 Community Edition release announcement

The latest version of Apama Community Edition has arrived with a focus on improving the experience with the Cumulocity IoT platform. However, there are also several Apama improvements relevant to Apama Community Edition, so please keep reading!

Cumulocity IoT transport

The Cumulocity IoT transport has been extended to make it easier to retrieve specific information. You can now get:

  • All tenant option values or search for specific tenant options.
  • You can look up details and roles either of the user you connected as or of the microservice service user. You can also forward the Authorization header or OAuth cookies of an incoming request to validate the roles of that user.

Measurement events can now be split into individual fragments and series to allow better performance when filtering on incoming events.

The withResponse action can be used to get a response when creating or updating predefined types (Alarm, Operation, Event, Measurement, MeasurementFragment and ManagedObject). When using this action, headers can be set on the request, for example, to determine the processing mode within Cumulocity IoT when sending measurements.


The --configLog file option of the correlator can be used to specify the path to the configuration log file which contains the contents of all YAML configuration files and properties files as well as the correlator startup arguments and environment. This is a useful way to capture such information separate from the normal log file and may be useful in diagnostic situations.

Full commercial edition

In addition to the features in Apama Community Edition, the full commercial edition of Apama includes improved integration with other Software AG products, enhanced web-based deployment, management and monitoring capabilities from Command Central, and additional support for capital markets. Please refer to the release notes for the complete set of new features in Apama 10.5.2.

Find out more

Apama 10.5.2 Community Edition is available now for you to download. More information about the new capabilities mentioned here and numerous other smaller improvements are described in the release notes and product documentation available with the downloads.

Please give Apama 10.5.2 a try and let us know how you get on!