AOS / UQE / User State "T-OUT" => Last Active / which units?

Hi everybody

I have a easy question:

When AOS displays a T-OUT UQE, there is a number shown. Ex: 322393

   I          I          I          I User I User   I Last     I            I
  M I TID      I SECUID   I Jobname  I Type I State  I Active   I File(s)    I
  _ I D7E48428 I ADAP     I XYZ  I ET   I T-OUT  I   322393 I None       I

I assume that the number shows the elapsed time since last activity.
If I’m, right then my question: Which time unit is used?
Does 322393 mean 322’393 seconds?

Any feedback is welcomed.
Kind regards Chris

Yes, the Last Active value is a number of seconds.

Hello Ralph

Thx for the answer.

regards Chris

PS: Beforehand I tried to find the answer myself, but I didn’t find the answer in the online documentation

Software AG Documentation
–> Adabas
–> Administration
–> Adabas Online System
–> Adabas Online System 8.5.1
–> Using Adabas Online System - Monitoring Adabas Sessions
–> Displaying Queues
–> Displaying User Queue Elements
–> "number of seconds since last activity"