Anyone using DIA instead of Visio?

I’m wondering if anyone else is using Dia, instead of Visio, to assist with drawing diagrams for High Level Design Documents, Detailed Design Documents. I wondering if anyone has any webMethods templates for Dia ? Dia comes with some nice Cisco Templates, but, I haven’t been able to find any webMethods graphics.


Most ppl prefer use Visio and not heard of DIA:

Yeah, I prefer Visio, but, my company is not willing to fork out for a license for me…

Hey dkrivohlavy,

That’s good that you prefer using Visio. Currently, there is a free Visio trial available for 60-day evaluation. So, in these 60 days you can show your company how useful Visio can be. Once they experience the benefits of Visio, I am sure they will opt for license copy.

Hey SmithRoger,

You’ve missed the point altogether. I’m looking for webMethods Graphics to use within Dia. The company is looking to reduce license costs, not increase them.


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