Any .NET Samples out there???

I am currently working on a site in .NET and want to use Tamino in the site. Has anyone developed any apps with the ActiveX API in .NET yet?


Hi Micheal,
I also just started with .NET and Tamino. I’m going to access the database over the ActiveX component. So, most likely I’m going to write a wrapper around TaminoX.
So far, I also did not found any examples with Tamino and .NET. If I will found something I let you know.
The biggest problem I’m struggeling is more concerned the Tamino database itself and not just with the API.

regards, ren

Just out of curiousity, what sort of problems are you running into with the database? I am having problems trying to get the lest document in a collection, the standard XQL query Last() does not work in version

Knute Hestness :rolleyes: