VB Samples? Read from Tamino

Does anyone have any VB or VB script examples or reading data from tamino?

I have .aspx pages that allow only one language so I want to avoid having to use the Javascript examples.

Knute Hestness :confused:

I figured it out here is the code that I am using to call a tamino record from ASP.NET using VB:

dim query as String
dim dom
dim tamino as object
tamino = Server.CreateObject(β€œTAMINOX.TaminoX1”)
query = β€œ/permit[@caseNumber=’” & caseNumber &"’]β€œ
dom = tamino.doQuery(query)
dim permitDetail = dom.getElementsByTagName(β€œdetail”)

’ Write the table header
Response.Write(”<table width=β€˜744’ border=β€˜0’ cellpadding=β€˜2’ cellspacing=β€˜0’")
Response.Write(" Case Number β€œ& caseNumber &”")
dim i as integer
dim numNodes as Integer = permitDetail.length

Do While i < numNodes
Response.Write ("")
Response.Write (permitDetail.item(i).getAttribute(β€œdescription”))
Response.Write ("Β :Β β€œ)
Response.Write (permitDetail.item(i).text)
Response.Write (”")
i = i + 1

’ Write the table footer.

Hopefully that will help other people who are doing similar tasks…

Knute :cool: