Any Idea on using Modeler amp monitor in 601

Hi All,

I am using the modeler for the first time and i have gone thru the user guide of modeler.

I have already built all the services in developer for an inbound EDI processiong and it is working fine now. The reason for right now going for modeler is to log the errors and monitor whether the flow services are working fine and if there are any suspensions in the flow services resume it. Here we are using a bottom up approach(in Modeler terminology)


  1. i have 3 services, let us say flow service a, flow service b, flow service c.
  2. flow service a and flow service b both are doing their own independent activity, with their business logic imbibibed in the respective services
  3. I am using service c, to combine flow services a and b, in such way i have a input parameters in service c, which i will be mapping to service a, whose output parameters i will be mapping it to service b and service b will throw an output, which i will be mapping to the output parameter of serivce C
  4. There is no publish or subscribe used in it. All the services uses the document types and wmFlatfile schemas to communicate

Now what i need to know is,

  1. what steps do i need to do, In order to map the services which i have already built in developer, to modeler, so that i can view the information flow and errors if any, in monitor.(i am viewing the monitor through http://servername:port/WmMonitor/)

What i have done is:

  1. Created a process model in modeler by giving the service a and service b.
  2. Input of service a, i have added a subscription of the document type which was an input for that service
  3. i have linked service a and service b.
  4. it is not generating the business process, because input of service a is not publishable. I am not using any publishable documents in my entire development, as it fully revolves around flat files schemas

Kindly guide me how to proceed further on this.

Thanks and regards,

You need to publish your document in order for the model to pick it up. The fact that you use flat files is no issue here: just make the XML representation of the flat file (i.e. the converted flat file) publishable and publish it. The model then picks it up.

Since you are handling inbound EDI document, I suspend you will be triggering the model via TN. If so, at the first step of the process model, click input and subscribe to X12 Envelope (or whatever EDI envelope you are receiving) under the Trading Network Documents folder.