How to invoke first step in the modeler?

I am new to the modeler.

How do I invoke the first step in the modeler?
Should the first step’s input be only publishable document?
If yes, then when the document is published, my flow service that I attached from “select flow service to invoke” is not getting invoked after the document is published to broker.
So my question is:
How to start the first step in the modeler?


I think the first step for you is to read the Modeler guide complete before you start invoking the model. Because what I understand from your comments is that you have not yet generated the service. If yes, and you have not selected the input for the first step as the publishable document it will be throwing an exception while building. Once you build the model it is up to the PRT to see why the model is not triggering. But I recommend you to read the modeler guide first.

If you have already done so please mention the steps you have taken and the problem you are facing.

Ram Challuri