Annoying 16-digit hexadecimal timestamp in logs

In a B2B server you can view the logs (audit, error, server, session). The timestamps in these are of a 16-digit hexadecimal type which is not easily understood.
Is there a way to have these timestamps look more readable? in a normal date-time format for instance?
There probably is a way, please share this with me!


From GEAR:

Log files can be configured to log date:

  1. Shut down the B2B server.

  2. Edit the server\lib\logstr_en.txt file.

  3. Change the last line of this file from
    % {4} {1}{0,number,0000}{2} {3} to
    % {5} {1}{0,number,0000}{2} {3}

  4. Add the following line to server\config\server.cnf: watt.server.dateStampFmt=yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss .

You can use your own Java timestamp format instead of this string.

  1. Restart server

With Integration Server 4.0.2 I had to request
a fix from support to do the timestamp. Something to do with internationalization.

I could not find server\lib\logstr_en.txt in our IS installation (perhaps because we installed IS on Unix as opposed to NT). However, I was able to accomplish the same thing by changing the following configuration item in server/config/server.cnf:

old: watt.server.serverLogFmt={4} [{6}{7}.{1}.{0,number,0000}] {3}

new: watt.server.serverLogFmt={5} [{6}{7}.{1}.{0,number,0000}] {3}

Thanks for the tip though because those hex dates were rather annoying :slight_smile: