Announcing the release of webMethods 10.0

This release is Software AG’s first Innovation Release. This new type of release is intended for customers who want to get their hands on new features and capabilities as quickly as possible. However, it is not intended for long-term production use, as we only provide fixes for the first 6 months, and support for the first 12 months. Customers who adopt this release will be required to migrate to the next standard release within 12 months. To learn more about the Innovation Release and what it means for you, watch this 9-minute video and read this FAQ.

Software AG’s Digital Business Platform powers digital transformation and enables any organization to become a Digital Enterprise. The webMethods Product Suite, a core component of the Digital Business Platform, helps you to achieve this transformation.

webMethods Product Suite includes a broad collection of capabilities including application and partner integration, API management, agile process development, master data management, and operational intelligence.

With webMethods you have an extensible, scalable and reliable backbone – running either in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid scenarios – providing seamless integration for cloud, mobile, APIs, and Internet of Things, and streamlining process management and agile application development.

Release 10.0 of the webMethods Product Suite provides significant enhancements in every functional area of the suite.

Software AG is now offering a lightweight container, called the Microservices container to host microservices. This is fully compatible with the Integration Server and can host all services developed on the Integration Server. This release also includes support for a mapping service as a first-class citizen, Digital Event Services for event-based integration, the ability to get and set HTTP request and response headers, HTTP PATCH support and enhanced REST Resource configuration, and the ability to specify file transfer access rights for MWS roles and HTTP based outbound transfers in webMethods Active Transfer Transfer. Application Platform allows creation of Java Service Skeletons, based on Integration Server specifications, and also lets users leverage an exact set of public APIs. Also, Terracotta is now available as an additional option for metadata caching when clustering is enabled for webMethods OneData.

API Management:
webMethods API Gateway is a solution that combines webMethods Enterprise Gateway and webMethods Mediator capabilities in a single product. API Gateway offers the same capabilities within a simplified architecture and removes the dependency on CentraSite for policy definition. Also, for all the functions, API Gateway provides a new, dedicated, web-based user interface to perform API-related tasks, from creating an API, defining a policy, to publishing the API-to-API Portal. API Gateway now features a scoping mechanism, and API definition and configuration screens now enable REST enablement of SOAP APIs. API Gateway supports all OAuth grants and offers XML Threat protection and JSON Threat protection policies. API Portal lets you generate and download a client SDK for REST APIs and its analytics dashboards have been restructured and enhanced. CentraSite supports versioning of APIs.

Agile Process:
Tight integration between Process Engine and AgileApps allows for the invocation of an AgileApps case from a BPM process. This release also enables users to leverage AgileApps forms’ metadata and generate a working OpenCAF project with gadgets that you can customize and deploy to the Business Console. Rules Management console is now available as a customizable gadget in Business console. Additionally, this release includes added functionality to use Integration Server REST API descriptors to generate user interfaces for Business Console gadgets. AgileApps now has a mass view print feature and ability to add digital signatures. Task Engine supports out-of-the-box HPTSRA implementation for task searches in Business Console. And My webMethods Server can be configured to send push notifications to Business Console users on mobile devices.

Operational Intelligence:
Optimize for Infrastructure supports monitoring and proper reporting of Universal Messaging queues and monitoring of Digital Event Services. Optimize for Infrastructure, along with the Analytic Engine and the Web Service Data Collector, can now be configured via Command Central. Command Central enables automation and centralization of configurations, provides a common representation of configuration and simpler navigation, making it possible to compare configurations, and enables easier management of large installations.

Integration Cloud:
Integration Cloud now offers a “Recipe” store in the cloud. The Recipe store has numerous out-of-the-box recipes that can be downloaded by the tenant and customized as per needs. Integration Cloud offers a new monitoring user interface for monitoring cloud transactions. Integration Cloud now offer enhanced connectivity to Marketo and an out-of-the-box Marketo – SAP Cloud for Customer integration recipe. Integration Cloud offers support for Universal Messaging as a cloud service.

Command Central ensures Integration Server and My webMethods Server instance creation with the latest fixes. When you install products from Software AG Command Central Bootstrappers using the Software Download Center, Software AG Update Manager is automatically installed in managed installations. The footprint of the standalone installation of Software AG Update Manager is drastically reduced. The logs of Platform Manager are streamlined and simplified. Command Central can now be used to browse individual messages in durable subscribers in a Universal Messaging server instance. A new utility helps ease the migration of Broker territories and gateways.

For further details, please refer to the webMethods 10.0 Release Notes

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Could you please share the free trial download for this innovation release for evaluation.


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We will surely notify when the free trial becomes available to Tech Community members

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Do you have more information on this? I have just looked at the documentation and the wm10.0 image and could not find any references on how to install/use the Microservices Container or Integration Agent mentioned.

Thanks for your interest in the Microservices Container. Yes, you will able to download this and look up its documentation by mid-May when it becomes available on our Software Download Center on Empower. In the next couple of weeks, we will be making this available for customers.
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Thanks Sonica. Is this the case for Integration Agent also?

Integration Agent 10.0 is already GA and available on SDC.


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After installation of wM 10 Innovation release , the links to configure optimize and broker in MWS are missing though user interface related to it are installed too. is SAG support team taking up issues related to innovation release?

yes - the 10.0 release is supported as normal for the first six months. So please open a support ticket.