Analytical engine not connected in MWS

Analytical engine not connected in MWS


Under Administration>My webmwthods>System settings:
the analytical engine host (under server settings) shows disconnected.
even though the analytical engine is running.

If we navigate to Administration>System-Wide>System Information:
selected environment: shows the analytic engine,data collection Services,Prediction Engoine to be “On-Line”.

(the foll: optimise components are running:
component ID:
Analytic Engine v7.1.0.0 ,
Data Collection Services v7.0.0.2 (version fix 7 )
Prediction Engine Prediction Engine v7.1.0.0 ( version fix 7)

steps taken:

I have installed the and redfined the environment, and restarted all the servers. still it gives the same issue.

is there any way we can correct this.Plz Help.


If its a localhost then try giving the hostname.

thanks, iv’e tried that,but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Hi Dhanyaj,

Did you define the Environment in the MWS.(Administration->SystemWide->Environments->Define Environment).
Then try to check the connection.


Hi Dhanyaj,
I also hit the same issue before.
How do you Add Logical Servers to define Environments?Actually, I choose the button ‘Add…’, I get the same issue as you, but if choose button ‘Add Logical Server from Templates…’ to add logical server, it works.Please also make sure they have right ports.


Hi Crane,

can you give the exact location to add the logical servers!As i am facing the similar issue. I have set up the servers SystemInformation-Optimize under systemwide tab and ports have been configured with the respective hosts, but still encountering the issue to enable the Analytic engine.

Hi ,
I attach some screen shot for your information,

attachment, (33.7 KB)

Also want to make sure that under the Define Environments -Map DB pools that the Common directory is pointed toward the MWS DB connection. Helped us!