how to write a string into fiile by using this command allowedWritePaths=C:/wm8/test;C:/wm8/test.txt

fileAccessControl.cnf is a configuration file using which you will provide read/write/delete access for a particular folder to manage files inside it.

pub.file:listFiles, pub.file:copyFile, pub.file:deleteFile, pub.file:checkFileExistance services can not be executed unless fileAccessControl.cnf file is appended with file paths.


how can u provide dat permissions to this

how we can provide the permissions to fileAccessControl.cnf

what permission to what? pls be more elaborate on your question…

where we can provide this command on devolper log…allowedWritePaths=C:/wm8/test;C:/wm8/test.txt

Goto Softwareag_InstallationDirectory/IntegrationServer/packages/WmPublic/config/fileAccessControl.cnf.


Yes i already visited.when i am clicking on dat nothing happend

Please refer Pg 298 of the wM 97 Integration Built in Services Guide.
You need to modify the file \IntegrationServer\instances\default\packages\WmPublic\config\fileAccessControl.cnf to specify which directories/files have access to the directorie(s)/file(s) and then reload the WmPublic package.