'Allow unset fields' converts Constants to

Using ES 5.0.1, JDBC 4.6 adapter on Sun. Had NULL dates so checked ‘Allow unset fields’ to prevent conversion into default 1-JAN-1900. What happens now is that Custom Steps with values assigned as inputs (ie. contstants) are now converted to NULL after the custom step. For example, may set an input constant field to ‘F’ but after the custom step that field becomes NULL when used for subsequent inputs. Any ideas???

Hi John,

If you don’t know it already…

In the Integration component for the output parameters of custom step, behind the scenes a class is created with the output parameters as the class variables. And in the custom step we instantiate an instance of this out parameter class.
When you check the ‘Allow unset fields’, in the out parameter class, there are boolean variables added for each output parameter. They are generally of the form $. e.g parameter accNr, the boolean field will be $accNr. This is used to identify the null fields. If the boolean value is true, the field is set; if the boolean value is false, the field is unset and is ignored for further processing. Therefore, for all set variables in custom step, identify the appropriate boolean field and set it true.

If you know Java, view the entire code created for integration component. You will be able to figure it out.


Hi Vandana,

Thanks for the prompt response! You were spot on with the solution so appreciate the help.