After doc submit not get sender and receiver

Hi viewers ,
I submited document in web manage in Trading Network web manger of wm Administrator,after I get in submission result

Submission results
XML document sent successfully!
Document Type AXA Software document
Processing Status DONE
Sender Unknown
Receiver Unknown

why it get sender and receiver is unknown and user status is unmatched ?
in processing rules I gave default user status (Any) and

In DB In BIZDOC table did not store sender id and receiver id why ? in this store all zeros .Please clarify any one this …

Did you extracted SenderID and receiver ID in your TN Document type “AXA Software document”?

Hi arulchristhuraj,
I extract senderID and receiverID in “extract”,i.e from xml document.

can you double check the value you provided for sender, receiver value in the XML matching with any of the TN profile and those TN profile is active or not.

hi arulchristhuraj,
yes I done wrong !,I did no’t set value in “extract” .I rectified my problem.

very Thanks to you …

Its good to hear… nice you resolved the issue