Administrator role missing after installation of MWS


I have successfully installed My webMethods Server.

However, for some reason, am unable to find (My webMethods Administrator) Administrator role.

I am able to login with other roles of My webMethods Server i.e.
System Admin (SysAdmin); Designer (Designer) ;
Guest; webMethods Cluster (WEBM_CLUSTERUSER); webMethods System (WEBM_SYSUSER)

I guess only if you have My webMethods Administrator) Administrator role , you will be able to view interfaces for configuring Optimize.

Could any one please help why this role didn’t come by default / please tell me if you can guide me in troubleshooting

Best Regards

try to create Administrator role by yourself through Manage Role
Role Name: My webMethods Administrators
Distinguished Name (DN): uid=My webMethods Administrators

thanks! issue was with image. got it corrected :slight_smile:

Best Regards