addressing an obj via X-Machine

an X-machine can address an obj via http with

i have all the fields till to the doctype, but how can i know the number of the object(objectID)?
And is this referred to the TSD?

the number of the ObjectID is indeed the ino:id, so you are able to locate documents via URLs consisting of database location, collection name, document type name and @ino:id (don’t forget the @ in front of the ino:id)

Futhermore, Tamino allows to assign a document name to such an object. This name is stored in the internal attribute ino:docname. This method of object identification is mostly used for non-XML documents stored in Tamino, but can, of course, be used for XML documents, too. For example, if we store a JPG image in database jazz in collection encyclopedia under the name dizzy.jpg, we can retrieve it with the following URL: http://localhost/tamino/jazz/encyclopedia/dizzy.jpg.