Adapter Service Renaming

Hi All,

I am trying to rename the existing adapter service to a new name.
After the renaming the adapter service in the developer, I observed that the names of the documents in the Input/Output tab of the adapter service remain the same. I tried to rename the input/output documents in the backend inside the IntegrationServer folder.

But, observed that input/output fields were replicated in the adapter service.
Please suggest me how to rename the exixting adapter services along with the input/ouput documents.

Your help appreciated.


Do the following

Rename the adapter service

Run the service
pass the ‘new adapter service name’( fully qualified) in the input parameter(servicename) of the service and refresh the adapter service.

It will change the input/out with new name.

If you have any mappings already exists you need to remap all mappings


AFAIK,WmART/ is used to change the connection asociated with particular adapter service and not for renaming adapter service.

Hi nvarma,

Normally, whatever name we give for adapter service, Input & output, would be the name of input & output document in adapter service input/output Tab.

we can not change it i.e.Input & output as they are automatically created.

I didn’t get “I tried to rename the input/output documents in the backend inside the IntegrationServer folder.” can you be more explicit on it ?

Puneet Saxena

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Hi Puneet,

Thanks for the reply.
What I meant to say is that, I tried to change the input/output document names in the code of node.ndf of that particular adapter service and reloaded the package.
I noticed that doing so will change the names of the input/output documents but also will replicate the input/ouput variables in the documents of the adapter service.

Hope I am clear.



Hope it Was not the requirement in ur project and you were doing some kinda R&D ?

well for that , i am sorry as i never tried playing with node.ndf…

btw,it is always not advisable to play with node.ndf.

Puneet Saxena


I am using the same adapter service in different package with different name according to the requirement.

This is required in my project as I dont want to do the rebuilding of the existing adapter service. I am not doing any R&D. I am working on reusability of the components. And for that, at times you need to make changes in .ndf and .xml for the services, though not advisable.


Hello Puneet

The service 'WmART/ ’

will do not only adapter connection change and it can reset the input/Output
documents of the adapter service after renaming the adapter service

I have done so many instead of creating new we can use same service by renaming the adapter service.

Try it u can see the change.

Great Tip!! Thanks.

This is great tip for reusability of JDBC Adapter Services.

Please check the Fixes for the IS ART 6.1 SP1, as there were changes to this behaviour.

The new behaviour is no longer modifying the input & output names of renamed services when you change the underlying connection.

Unfortunately there is no property to switch this back to the old behaviour.

6.1 SP1 is required for the mentioned set*-Services to work.


Check for this fix ->

1-10J30S (IS_ART_6-1_SP1_Fix3)
After changing the name of an adapter service, and then later on changing the connection alias and refreshing the Developer, the names of the input and output parameters for the adapter service are being changed as well. This problem occurs in Integration Server 6.1 only.

After renaming an adapter service, and then subsequently invoking the service to change the connection alias, the adapter service’s input and output parameter names are changed. Because the parameter names are no longer valid, this is causing some flow steps to fail.

Now, the parameter names are maintained after renaming an adapter service and then changing the connection alias.

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I didn´t remember the exact number of the fix.

But this means, that if IS_ART_6-1_SP1_Fix3 or newer (as they are cumulative) is installed on the system, the behaviour described in the earlier posts to this thread will work no longer.

And there are some features which require newer versions of this ART-Fix.
Additionally IS 6.1 SP2 already contain IS_ART_6-1_SP1_Fix5.

I wished that wM Devel would have placed an “Extended Server Setting” for this so that we can decide which of the two behaviours we want to use.

My Project also prefered the old behaviour, but we have changed to a way where the copied services are having the same name in different folders/packages. In this case we avoid the necessarity to use the old behaviour. We are now only changing the connections after copying the services and we are done.



I’ve tried 3 times to rename a JDBC Adapter (selectSQL) with the service but nothing to do, it does not work.
(I do not change the connection) : the input and output are never renamed.

I’m in 10.3

Any solution please ?

This is how it should work. The service is not supposed to change the input names. There was another thread in the forums where the way to rename the inputs/outputs was described.

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I don’t undertand… the message from “nhvs” is clearly describing that this service renames correctly input/ouput.

Anyway, it would be nice to you, if you could give us the link of this other thread please.

The search function of this forum is easy to use. When I search for “rename adapter input”, the first result I get is the correct one:

Obviously, I’ve found this thread…
but this 13 steps way described by Holger is not a solution, it is a just a workaround.

I was looking for a real solution (a dedicated service).
If it does not exist I will ask it to the support.

I can not imagine such a simple renaming feature not included in the 10.3.

Thank you for your reply

You can try but I think they will say that everything works as designed and will suggest to file an item in brain storm. Which will lead you to nowhere.

The feature is a simple rename functionality which was working until ART 6.1 and it got changed in 6.5, share your feedback once you hear from the support.


Whenever I’m tasked with an adapter renaming operation, I’ve found much easier to recreate the entire adapter service than to rename it.

Yes, it implies more work but it is safer.
A way to help refactoring is to have a mapping service (out of, or into) where the mapping is done implicitly to/from an external variable (using scopes, for instance).

You should raise a feature request on Brainstorm for a refactoring operation on Designer.

Good luck.

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If it’s a simple service with just two or three fields then you are right. But I had to rename services with more than 20 fields (which had to be entered manually since it was a custom SQL) and I was happy that we had a rename utility. Saved much time and nerves. I’m jut not allowed to publish it here because it’s the company’s property.