adaopr file_io stats

I’ve got the following running every day as a cron job

adarep adds file stats for every file so we can only get stats daily before the adarep and clear after

adaopr db=${DBID} di=fi > ${ADAREP}/DIFI_${DATE}.txt # Output Daily File Stats report
adarep db=${DBID} LAYO > ${ADAREP}/LAYO_${DATE}.txt
adarep db=${DBID} SUMM > ${ADAREP}/SUMM_${DATE}.txt
adarep db=${DBID} CONT > ${ADAREP}/CONT_${DATE}.txt
adarep db=${DBID} FREE > ${ADAREP}/FREE_${DATE}.txt
adaopr db=${DBID} di=hi > ${ADAREP}/DIHI_${DATE}.txt
adaopr db=${DBID} di=act > ${ADAREP}/DACT_${DATE}.txt
adaopr db=${DBID} clear_file_stats=1-202 # Stop and clear file Stats
adaopr db=${DBID} set_file_stats=1-202 # Set file stats on again

It works fine, but I don’t get file stats for the first day after restarting the database. Is there any way to start the database with the set_file_stats parameter on? The only thing I can think of is to have another job to set file stats on every morning, but that seems a bit of an overkill

Also, is there a way to stop adarep incrementing counts for every file?

Unfortunately there is no nucleus parameter for this purpose. However, if you start the nucleus via a script you can call adaopr in this script.

Thanks, I’d pretty much come to that conclusion but it’s good to have it confirmed. Perhaps SAG will add it as a DBnnn.ini option one day!

FYI: For performance issues we start adamon via cron every day.