Calling ADAREP utility via API

Hello, everybody,

I looked through ADABAS utility documentation, and came up with a question: is there a possibility to run ADABAS utilities via program calls (ADABAS API), or running with JCL is the only possible way?
Or, maybe, there is some other way to get ADABAS statistics, like those printed in ADAREP report, via calling ADABAS API?

Thank you!

Hi Lizaveta,

Just out of curiosity: what would be the purpose of such a “sophisticated way of getting stats”, if I may ask you?
Why not to put an Adarep report into some kind of “SYSOUT-like” file and treat it then, let`s say, by extremely powerful and versatile SORT - my favorite IBM utility?

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Hello Lizaveta,
ADAREP itself can not be called via API.

There is a possibility to get the ADAREP output in XML format which might be easier to process.
The information on how to use this is in the Adabas code samples forum.

In NATURAL the Adabas Online Services deliver the same information as the ADAREP with the database active.

The database itself can write statistics to SMF.
SMF records can be extracted. Please see the Adabas documentation for this.

Hope this helps,

Hi, Nikolay and Marbod,

Thanks for your replies.
I know about XML format of the report, and I agree that it’s really solves many problems connected to processing reports results.

The purpose is to make Adabas specific storage statistics available in a storage monitoring program, so it’s necessary to get an up-to-date report periodically (i.e. once per 15 minutes).
And, as for me, invoking JCL that calls ADAREP from a program is an obvious, but not a very elegant solution, so, I’m searching for some other idea now. In fact, SMF records can help in this case.

Many thanks to you both again,