Hi All:

Somewhere in the distant past, I had submitted a Change Enhancement request for a new utility called ADAMOV. Its sole purpose would be to move a component around on the packs. For example, my DSST component is smack dab in the middle of two chunks of free space. If I could move the DSST somewhere else, I would then have a large contiguous space in which to place a large file.

However, the proposal is languishing in the nether regions of forgotten enhancement requests. I understand that if I could get some support from this forum, it might move it forward.

What do you all think? Is the the place for such a request? Is the proposal a good one?

Thanks for your time,

Bill Kahlke
Office of the Texas Attorney General

If you have the EP number, anyone with a ServLine24 account can view the request and add their comments/support/etc to the request.


I agree with you and I remember us discussing this when you wrote the enhancement request. I hope you can get this revived!