ADABCK and ASSO-Container

I defined a second ASSO-Container with the same size as the first one, a few days ago.
Since this the duration of ADABCK decreased from about 26 to 13 minutes.

Is there really such a strong connex between the performance of ADABCK
and the size of the ASSO-Containers or is it only a lucky coincidence ?

Are the ASSO-Containers located on two different disk drives?

No, both containers are on the same disk drive.

Is this 2nd ASSO really used already, or just defined and “there” ?

Next questions (beside the one of WoWi):

  1. Is the new BCK-Output-File smaller than the old one?
  2. Is the Block-Size of the new ASSO-Container smaller than the old one?

IIRC, ADABCK stores only used Blocks into the BCK001-File. So it would be possible, that an ASSO with smaller Blocks produces less data to write.

The 2nd ASSO is really in use (I defined ASSO2 because ASSO1 was almost full).

The size of the BCK_Output is the same (it grew a little bit meanwhile).
The Block-Size of ASSO1 and ASSO2 is identical.

Did you reorder or reload the database / files after adding ASSO2 ?

Nothing at all.
ADABAS was running, when response 77 appeared - so I added ASSO2 without stopping the Database. No reorder or reload was started.