Reorder database

I have a question, Why when I reorder the database containers DATA increases and decreases ASSO containers?


ADAORD doesn’t resize the ASSO or DATA container itself. But the free space inside these containers can be changed (dependent on some parameters).

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One thing that can explain what you observe, fabian, is that in both cases (ASSO and DATA) you are re-writing the contents of each back into their respective containers according to set parameters. The indices contained in ASSO often get fragmented as records are updated, expanded, moved, deleted, etc, and it’s easily understood how reordering compresses what you have in fewer ASSO blocks.

DATA over time changes due to the same events (updates, record expansion, moving due to block splits, deletion etc) and your padding at the end of each block is encroached. If your data padding factor is 10% when you start, these records may end up chewing away so your actual block utilization is 96%. When you reorder, the records are laid back down to preserve that free space padding factor, so when utilization drops below 90%, you need MORE DATA blocks.

If you do not wish for this to be so, you might want to adjust the DATA free space padding factor.