Second container created by adabck restore=*


“adabck restore=*” created new second containers data2 and asso2 leaving a lot of the empty space in data1 and asso1, consequently data2 and asso2 were automatically added to DBnnn.ini file.
Size of new data2 is 220MB and free space in data1 is over 3GB.
Size of new asso2 is 107MB and free space in asso1 is over 2GB

How to force restore to the first container only?

BTW. Backup was created from database with 3 DATA containers and 5 ASSO containers.

Free space of Database is shown below:

Container Extents in Blocks Number of Block
File from to Blocks Size

1 136,678 640,000 503,323 4,096
2 694,960 695,157 198 2,048
1 378,237 768,000 389,764 8,192
2 774,844 775,043 200 32,768

Thank you,

Are you restoring to the same database the backup was taken from ?

I’m restoring to the new DB.
Original DB has a 3 DATA and 5 ASSO containers and I tried to consolidate them to 1 DATA and 1 ASSO.
New DB was formatted to DATA size almost twice bigger then old data combine and the same for ASSO.

1    378,237    768,000    389,764      8,192
2    774,844    775,043          200     32,768 

Have a look at the last element of the display, your DATA1 was defined with a block size of 8K,
the new container was created with 32K, assumingly because you had a container with that
block size on the other db and thus to restore data from your backup a 32K container was required.

Thank you Wolfgang.
Vielen Dank fuer Ihre Hilfe.