Adabas on Developers' Workstation

We have acquired NaturalOne to be installed on each of our Natural developers’ workstation. Along with NaturalOne we got a license to put an instance of Adabas on their workstations as well. Can anyone tell me if it works well to deploy individual copies of Adabas or if it is better to deploy a central database to which everyone has access or if either way works equally well. Thanks for sharing your experience.

On reasonably sized workstations there’s absolutely no problem running Adabas locally.

The advantage is that every developer can develop and test against his own local copy of data and not disturb others,
and you still have the option of talking to oner or more central databases as well, of course.

On developer laptops you’ve got even more advantages as you can develop & test “offline”.

Thanks, Wolfgang. Those were the advantages we are hoping for. I had heard that some developers get tired of being their own DBA. But I guess they can connect to the central database is they wish.

BTW, I still think you should update and enhance ADAMOG.