Adabas & Natural April 2020 Release

The April 2020 release for Adabas & Natural features new innovations to support theAdabas & Natural 2050+ Agenda — to modernize and optimize your high-performing applications. Of special note, we are proud to introduce Adabas Encryption for Linux, a new product designed to help you secure your Adabas data-in-motion.

New innovations for this release of Adabas & Natural include:

  • Enhanced security for Adabas Mainframe through file grouping
  • Improved load balancing for mainframes with Adabas Directory Services
  • New browser access to display and modify Entire Net-Work mainframe parameters
  • Ability to secure your data-in-motion when using Entire Net-Work on LUW
  • Encryption to secure your data-in-motion when accessing Adabas on Linux

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