ActiveX DLL registration error

I am trying to allow a Window COM based application to
create a Broker client and to publish Document to a ES
Broker via COM call.

Registration Error:
I tried to register awc50.dll on a Window 2000 machine and
got the following error. I repeated the trial on other
machines but received the same error. Please advise.

Command Executed:
regsvr32 “C:\Program

Error Message:
C:\Program Files\webMethods\EnterpriseServer5\bin\awc50.dll
was loaded, but the DLLRegisterServer entry point was not
found. DLLRegisterServer may not be exported, or a corrupt
version of C:\Program
Files\webMethods\EnterpriseServer5\bin\awc50.dll may be in
memory. Consider using PView to detect and remove it.

Any help on this matter greatly appreciated.

I would open up a command window and navigate to the
directory that contains the file awc50.dll.

Type in: regsvr32 /u awc50.dll

This will unregister the existing file in memory.

Then, type:

regsvr32 awc50.dll

If it doesn’t give you a succeed message, then I’m not sure
where to direct you. But, it seems to work better when you
execute the regsvr32 command in the same exact directory.

Please make sure the dll you have is a good one too!
Rock On!

To register the ActiveX dll (awc50.dll), it may required other dependencies components (ActiveX/COM API). So, it may not work if we register only this components.
What I’m trying is to install the ActiveX/COM API in the server, it will auto register the necessary required components in the server. But may I know what are the individual components register when we install ActiveX/COM API?

The windows DLLs COM objects have several OS registry keys and in some cases using regsvr32 /u does not work as some entries still reside in registry. One way to ensure there are no traces of the DLL in reg using regedit.exe and search for the DLL’s entries adn delete all of the refernces manually. Its a tough process but I found it woking for me on several ocasions.

Another aspect can be is your COM component DLL has dependencies other DLLs of particular versions. If you are lucky enough to know all dependencies you can ensure it if not you have to use View or other utility to find all dependencies for youd COM DLL in order to register it.