Active transfer UI login not working -10.3

Hi All,

we recently migrated to 10.3 and our LDAP users are not able to login into active transfer UI using administrator credentials only i’m able to login we have created all Managed file transfer->users and Virtual folder management in MWS .Also created custom roles and assigned permissions .
Any pointers on this would be great help .

Have you verified the below.

Accessing ActiveTransfer New User Interface

Accessing ActiveTransfer New User Interface
After you install ActiveTransfer, ensure that you adhere to the following criteria to
access the webMethods ActiveTransfer 10.3 new user interface.
Type http://:9100 or https://:9102 (where, host is the host name
or IP address on which ActiveTransfer Server is running and 9100 and 9102 are the
default ports) on a web browser to access the webMethods ActiveTransfer 10.3 new
user interface.
If you want to change the default port, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the following installation directory location:
    Integration Server_directory\profiles\IS_default\configuration
  2. Open the following files:
  3. Update the port number in the port property.
  4. Restart Integration Server.
    The users accessing the webMethods ActiveTransfer 10.3 new user should be part of
    one of the following user groups in Integration Server:
    These groups are configured on the Integration Server administration page. These groups are
    available in Integration Server when ActiveTransfer is started for the first time after
    installation. The ‘Administrator’ user, who is created by default when you install
    Integration Server, will also have access to new ActiveTransfer user interface.
    webMethods ActiveTransfer 10.3 new user interface connects to the Integration
    Server that hosts ActiveTransfer Server for exchanging data. ActiveTransfer Server
    10.3 user interface automatically detects the Integration Server host and port that it
    needs to connect to. In case you want to specify a different host and port, you can
    configure the following parameters in the and restart IS:
  5. Open properties.cnf file located in the Integration Server_directory\instances
    \instance_name \packages\WmMFT\config directory.
  6. Update the following parameters: Defines the Integration Server host. Specify the IP
    address or host name of the machine where ActiveTransfer Server is running.
    If you do not specify a host name, then ‘localhost’ is used.
    mft.isserver.port: Defines the Integration Server port. Specify the port
    in the following format: @. For example, Protocol is either
    HTTP or HTTPS and Port is 5555. The default protocol is HTTP. If you do not
    specify a port number, then the primary Integration Server port is used.
  7. Restart Integration Server.


Hi Shahbaz,

the users here are LDAP users and we have added those users in MWS under Administration->Integration->user management->users and also we have created custom roles for MFT user and gave necessary permissions and yes in 10.3 we are using port 9100.

Try to add Ldap role/group in MFTUIUSERS ACL in IS (Security > Access Control Lists )


yeah tried it already its doesn’t work.


Were you able to login to the new Active Transfer UI? I am trying to login on 10.5 with Administrator but i see “Unable to connect to ActiveTransfer Server.”

  1. added MFTUIUser group to Administrator on IS and also I added LDAP groups on IS/MWS.
  2. Configured and mft.isserver.port under properties.cnf file located in the Integration Server_directory \instances\instance_name\packages\WmMFT\config directory.