Accessing the new UI from a development sandbox

I am developing a new Dynamic Case Application in our Agileapps cloud instance and we understand forms with 3 or 4 columns are only supported in the new UI. Is there a step we are missing to access the new UI from within the sandbox development environment to test the forms look and feel as we develop the application? We can see the forms in the designer containing 3 or 4 columns but when we open the forms from within the platform in the development sandbox environment they show only two columns- as in the old UI?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jaime Suriano,

Please check the “Preview New User Interface” is enabled in the sandbox company information or not. When this is enabled you can see switch icon at the top right corner. There you can preview runtime time UI and 3 or 4 column layouts.


Ms. Chidurala,

Thanks very much for your response. A quick question, looking to source out some agileapp development work, could you recommend any outsourcing networks in India for this kind of project?

I thank you in advance for your valuable assistance.


Jaime Suriano


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