Access to Error Log and Server Log DSP pages

Hi All,

I’m trying to develop a DSP page for our Integration server, so that the developers can readily gain access to the error, server and audit Log for all the instances in the clusters. We currently have to rely on Administrators to provide the error messages for us.

Is there a way that we can share the LOGS section (Only) in the Admin GUI page can be given access to developers?

Hi Nagendra,

Unfortunately there is no direct way of provide access to logs to any teams unless they have been given access to the WmAdmin console. I can give you an idea but its a long way to go about the same. For the same you can use the WmAdmin’s dsp page, make a copy of the same and remove all contents from the page except the logs on the left pane. Then take the page and deploy on a different package. This will get the functionality to you. Do check and share the results.

Thanks Sam,

That’s what I figured out, and we are in the process of doing that. Thanks for the reply.