access entirex broker DCOM in

Hi, somebody wrote a VB wrapper of entirex broker. I am using that wrapper in my project. If I add user ASPNET to the administrator group, everything works fine. If not, it does not work. I do not like to grant so much privilege to user ASPNET. The VB wrapper may not be well written. It does not return or throw exception, just hang there forever. Do you have suggestions what I can do?

Thank you in advance.

Hi I forgot to say that the VB wrapper is the client stub. I have made more experiments. When run as a user with administrative privilege, the logfile show TCP: TcpConnect return code =0. When run as a limited account user, logfile shows: TCP: TcpConnect return code =-2. What user privilege is needed?

Thank you.

The TCP/IP service name for the brokerid cannot be resolved to a port number. It’s defined either in your DNS or the local services file.
As an alternative specify the port name explictely as part of the broker id, e.g. etb123:23456.

Hi Rolf,

Thank you very much!

It turned out that the limited account user does not have the right to read the service configuration file where the port number for the service is specified. After allowing the user to read the file, everything works fine.