Access Denied: normal user can access all the services

I have created two ACLs

  1. AdminACL - users which is under Admin ACL is having Administrators permission
  2. ReportACL - users which is under Report ACL is not having Administrators permission

i am controlling the jsp pages through web.xml

Folder structure :

web.xml :

/Admin/index.jsp BASIC webMethods Developers AdminACL ReportACL AdminACL /Admin/* /Report/* AdminACL ReportACL /Report/* ReportACL

Currently for AdminACL login can access all the files under Admin, Report directory and services. But if i log in to ReportACL, getting an below error

2009-11-20 03:58:51 CST [ISS.0100.0012E] Error 403 Access to the requested resource has been denied
2009-11-20 03:58:51 CST [ISS.0100.0008E] JSP invoke wm.server.query:getCurrentUser returned Error message: [ISS.0084.9004] Access Denied

Please advise.


Hi Muthu,

I believe you have misunderstood the concept of the ACL’s in webMethods. The ACL concept in webMethods is used to control access on webMethods server resources like flow services and other resources. The way you are using the role in you code doesn’t exactly show sync between your implementation and the concept of roles in webMethods. Can you check the IS Admin Guide/Developers Guide for further details on this.