Acceptable webMethods restart intervals

How long can webMethods (6.5) run before a recommended restart? I’ve had a server run as long as 35 days before running into a heap space error. A quick restart fixed it of course, but I’d like to know how long the Integration Server should run before a restart is recommended.


I assume by “webMethods” you mean Integration Server. You should never have to do so. I’ve known instances that have run 90+ days and were restarted only to apply OS patches.

So the answer really is, it depends on your specific environment. If the server is showing signs of sluggishness, or increasing average memory use, then the restart should be planned according to how frequently that happens. But ultimately you may want to find why the server “goes south”–it is most often due to configuration/coding issues. Hard to find usually, but often easy to fix.

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