about view the demo

I am a beginner to Tamino. I want to view the demo file in the demo directory,such as Sailing or TaminoActiveXDemo,what should I do?
Can anyone teach me how to do step by step?
I can view the .jsp file from IE,not show error when I want to add or delete some information related to tamino db.(javax.servlet.ServletException: Server Not Available!)
web server(servlet server): tomcat3.3

He Jessie,

sorry but we were unable to classify your request correctly.

So, are you using X-Application ?
If not, then please repeat your posting to the appropriate community.

If you like to use X-Application, then we would recommend to start learning the use of X-Application by using our tutorials, documentations and examples. Afterwards you are able to use own data with X-Application.
Check the documentation chapter Learning Guide for Tamino X-Application(Link in documentation \documentation\overview.htm). E.g. follow these steps:

  • Building Tamino X-Application and Running the Examples
  • Examples
  • Simple Property Tutorial

Hope that we could help you and good luck


I’m not sure if I understand correctly.
Do you want to run X-Application examples
or do you refer to some other Tamino examples?


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thanks a lot for your help,Thorsten and Michael.
I want to view the demo of x-application. Could you tell me how to do step by step?

I use tomcat as serlvet engine.

Hi Jessie,

to run our X-Application (called PropertyDemo)
you have to do following steps:

  • 1. You have to install X-Application correctly.
    The installation chapter of the documentation will guide you to the installation process.
  • 2. After finishing the intallation you have to start your web container (e.g. tomcat)
  • now you have either the possibilty to start the demo via a link in the documentation (see:
    ) or strait by using following
    URL in your web browser: http://localhost:8080/propertydemo/Logon.jsp.

Good Luck


Software AG Germany, Darmstadt