Property Demo using two Schemas available

Attached you will find an extended version of the Property Demo and tutorial previously introduced with Tamino X-Application.

This tutorial is a preview version for the next Tamino X-Application release.

Any feedback is welcome.

It completes the Simple Property Tutorial with user-specific information. The user information is structured according to a separate schema. Thus, there is the possibility to personalize the real estate application and offer a logon screen to enter.

Read the file newpropertydemo/readme.txt first for configuration purposes.

To internationalize this demo, please follow the instructions of the I18N Fix Topic.

Regards, Ursula

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I just installed the “newpropertydemo”.

What happened to me when trying to load the
Login.jsp-Page was that the browser couldn’t
find the file (even when I simply entered the
directory and then clicked on the file name.

Saving the file with another file name (login2.jsp) did the job. Any idea what might
be wrong here?

Ralf Dierenbach

Hello Ralf,

what is your tomcat version?

Could you try to reproduce the problem in another application?
E.g. Just rename or copy the page Home.jsp in /examples/jsp/property to Login.jsp.

Regards, Harald

Maybe this is a upper/lower case problem.
I’ve seen the property demo fail if started with
“login.jsp” instead of “Login.jsp”. Even clicking
the file name in the diretory listing didn’t

I stopped tomcat, deleted the work directory and
restarted the browser to fix the problem.


Software AG Germany, Darmstadt

I use tomcat 3.3a

clearing the comcat workdir,
restarting tomcat
and clearing the browser cache

I can now access Login.jsp!

- but it’s NOT a case problem: now
login.jsp AND Login.jsp both work

Thanks for your help,

Ralf Dierenbach


nevertheless you should be careful not to interchange upper/lower letters in the URL.

Tomcat does not distinguish the pages but tomcat´s session handling does not assign the session to the page as expected.

In the server.xml you can force tomcat to enable case sensitive operation when mapping a request to a context. Change the tag SimpleMapper1 in /conf/server.xml to

Regards, Harald

This extended version of the Property Demo preview is now included as the default property demo in X-application 3.1.2.

Regards, Harald