About version in IS & TN Servers in Deployer

While adding a remote server for use with deployer, I don’t see an option to select the version in the ‘Add remote server’ menu but in the Deployer-> IS&TN servers menu, there is version appearing in a drop-down against the added aliases. In that the highest version available is 10.1 and it is auto-selected. Why I’m not able to see 10.15 version in the dropdown? We used the migration utility to migrate the packages from 10.1, is there any configuration that is missed here?

I’m able to select v10.15 while adding an MWS or UM server alias but not for IS or TN.

Hi Venkat,

if I remember right, the version for IS&TN Servers in Deployer is derived from the RemoteServer definitions in IS and therefore cannot be changed.

On which IS version are you hosting the Deployer?


This issue is resolved. During migration from 10.15, the config file under deployer/config was replaced with v10.1. This was corrected and I could see 10.15 for the aliases. Thank you all for your contributions.