About the TConnectionPoolManager

Hello everyone,

When you add a connection in a connection pool, you have to precise a timeout parameter for this connection.

java.lang.String poolName,
java.lang.String databaseURI,
java.lang.String user,
java.lang.String password,
int maxConnections,
int initConnections,
int timeOut <— ?

What is the use of this parameter ?
The API documentation is not quite clear about this “timeout” parameter.



Sorry, this is true. The documentation has to be fixed there.
The meaning of this parameter is:
The connection pool manager waits timeOut seconds for a connection to be released when all connections of a pool are in use and the maximum limit of connections is already reached. If the timeOut is elapsed and no connection could be retrieved, an exception will be thrown.


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Thank you Stefan for your answer :slight_smile: