setMaximumTransactionDuration on TConnection object

Hello folks,

quick question about the Java tamino API.

On the server there is a setting/property that can be changed in the system management hub called ‘maximum transaction duration’ this is the duration in seconds before a transaction times out at the database.

Am I correct in thinking that when a TConnection object is created its transaction duration assumes the value of ‘maximum transaction duration’ back on the server ?

If I call the setMaximumTransactionDuration method on tht TConnection object can I override this value to be longer if I know I have something that is going to take a while to run ?

Thanks in Advance



The TConnection object only supplies the means to issue commands at Tamino which could run within the context of a session (requiring commit or rollback) or auto-commit mode (where updates, inserts etc are implicitly committed). All that happens when you get a TConnection object is that it pings the database to establish if connectivity is possible.

The value of setMaximumTransactionDuration() applies to a transactional session. This value applies when you start a transaction with the useLocalTransaction() method. It ‘should’ perform a _connect=* with the _maximumTransactionDuration parameter and the value you specified. Seemingly this does not happen so maybe this is a bug with the API (it only does _connect=*). Once the value is set it for a particular session it cannot be changed.

Hope this helps.

Just as an information:

Tamino 4.4 - coming out soon - will allow to set a time limit to each single Tamino command in addition to the transaction time limit.